2021 TCT Asia | eSUN and Raise3D Shanghai Fuzhi invite you to enjoy the wonderful show!

The annual event of the global 3D printing industry-TCT Asia is coming soon! All major 3D printer manufacturers and material manufacturers have prepared many surprises for this conference~

eSUN (Booth No. D48) and Raise3D Shanghai Fuzhi (Booth No. H40) sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition!


PLA+ material is modified based on PLA material, which has the characteristics of easy printing of PLA, and also improves the toughness and interlayer adhesion. PLA+ is an environmentally friendly material that is easy to print, with a smooth surface; balanced strength, rigidity, toughness, and strong impact resistance. It is very suitable for printing functional parts; it has passed FDA certification and is safer to use; it can be used for early concept models and rapid prototyping .

PLA series consumables are the "star products" in eSUN's 3D printing filaments. They are environmentally friendly materials with excellent printability, and the appearance and performance advantages of different PLA products can meet the diverse needs of users.

In this exhibition, eSUN will bring heavy products such as ePLA-LW lightweight PLA, luminous rainbow PLA, starry PLA, super tough PLA, etc.


01 ePLA-LW Lightweight PLA
Lightweight PLA product display video:
Lightweight PLA (ePLA-LW) is a material specially developed for aircraft models, with stable interlayer bonding, and the foaming rate and strength can be controlled by adjusting the printing temperature. Using active foaming technology to realize lightweight, low-density PLA parts, the foaming volume ratio is 220%, and the density is as low as 0.54g/cm³. Foaming makes the layered pattern almost invisible, and the surface of the printed item is matte and delicate. Under the same model and at the same speed, the use of lightweight PLA enables the model aircraft to have a lighter wing load and a lower stall speed, which can greatly improve the performance of the model aircraft.
At the exhibition site, we have also prepared a special area for light-weight PLA display, where we will show you the model aircraft and flight test videos printed with eSUN light-weight PLA. Welcome everyone to watch and communicate!


02 Luminous Rainbow PLA, Luminous Starry PLA
Luminous Rainbow PLA, Luminous Starry PLA Product Display Video:


Luminous rainbow PLA is modified based on PLA material, in addition to adding colorful and gorgeous luminous rainbow appearance effects. PLA is an environmentally friendly material that is easy to print.
Luminous starry sky PLA is modified based on PLA material, in addition to adding a gorgeous starry sky appearance. PLA is an environmentally friendly material that is easy to print.


03 Super tough PLA

ePLA-ST super tough PLA has the characteristics of high impact resistance, high elongation at break, high bonding strength, and high printing accuracy. Toughness surpasses PETG, and has the good printability of PLA; strong and tough, suitable for printing prototypes of mechanical parts with toughness and precision requirements.

TCT Asia is an annual event in the 3D printing industry. At that time, all companies and organizations will bring their latest products to showcase their innovations and actively discuss the future development trends of the industry. Grand scale, infinitely exciting, just waiting for you!