eSUN eCure Lite UV Resin Curing Light Box for LCD DLP SLA

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eSUN eCure Lite Foldable 3D UV Resin Curing Light Box for SLA/DLP/LCD 3D Resin Printer Model UV Multifunction Curing Box

Brand Name:eSUN

Weiht: 0.44KG

Box Size: 235x155x125mm

Interface: Type-C

Voltage/Current: 5V2A

Product Features

  • 【UV Resin Curing Light Box】Specifically designed to cure from resin model, suitable for internal curing and surface treatment. 4 High-powered 405nm UV LED beads with lens, curing more evenly. The interior is smooth reflective white silicone, reflective paper makes the ultraviolet rays fully reflect in the box.
  • 【DIY Multifunctional Curing】5 curing methods can be selected for different models to ensure excellent curing effect: Closed Box Curing, Hand-held Curing, External Curing, Vertical Curing, also use with multiple devices to shorten curing time. Foldable silicone cover, DIY assembled easily, convenient storage.
  • 【Time Control】Freely control the curing time according to your printing model and resin material. With LED digital display screen that easy to know the curing process, no need to worry about discoloration due to long curing time. The Quick start button controls curing time from from 0.5 to 99 minutes, easy to use.
  • 【360° Solar Turntable】Equipped with a 360° rotating turntable, the model can be uniformly cured. Solar base can transmit the light, transparent plate solves the problem of difficult curing at the bottom surface. The solar turntable is dual-use, driven by light, also can hold battery 1*AA (Battery is Not Included).
  • 【High Compatibility 】Maximum Capacity of Curing Box 185*106*120mm, external curing can be applied to large size models. eCure Lite is compatible for standard 405nm resin and LCD DLP or SLA 3D printing. The hardness and strength will be higher after curing, solved cracking problem of hollow model, no uncured residue on model surface.
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