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Enjoy 3D technology feast at CES 2020

Enjoy 3D technology feast at CES 2020

storeesun3d |

On January 10, CES 2020, the first technology feast of 2020 ended in Las Vegas, USA.


This four-day international carnival brings together professionals from all walks of life. The number of attendees reached as many as 175,000, and the number of exhibitors was more than 4,500, spanning many fields, including 5G and IOT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, and self-driving etc.


At the scene, the 3D printing area was one of the most interactive entertainment projects with the largest number of people at this CES. Here, you will be amazed by the strong power of science and technology, the magnificence of creative products, the open source of 3D printing technology, and the real circle of fun.


3D printed props


3D printed engines and pipes



3D printed sports shoes



3D printed instruments


3D printed clothing


3D printed medical mold  



Needless to say, CES is a super stage where major manufacturers around the world demonstrate the latest technology.

This time, eSUN not only brought newly developed products such as LCD water washable resin, LCD dental mold resin, LCD precision model resin, etc., but also iSUN3D LCD 1.0 printer and iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system.



During the exhibition, the eSUN booth was very lively, every staff was very patient to answer relevant questions for each exhibitor who came to consult.


Various filaments such as the innovative products eSilk-PLA, eTPU-95A, ePA-CF, etc. have been well received on the spot due to their uniqueness; the hot-selling products like PLA +, PETG, and Re-filament are still rated as high cost-effective filaments which are constantly being consulted by customers; eSUN photopolymer resins, such as eResin-PLA bio-based resin, Standard Resin and Hard-Tough Resin are getting more and more recognition.



The hottest thing at the scene was the iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system. With special soft performance TPU and iSUN3D FLX printer, you can print a pair of insoles that are completely suitable for the user's foot shape in 30 -60 minutes and keep your feet healthy. It attracted many audiences to experience at the scene.


eSUN fully demonstrated the most powerful filaments performance development technology and 3D printing application technology innovation at CES. Blogger Jinxbot came to the scene wearing props printed in eSUN filaments and our CEO Dr Yihu Yang has been interviewed by a Youtube blogger.


Each year's CES is a cutting-edge technology show that can't be rejected. Although the 3D printing innovation carnival is short, it brings new expectations and prospects to the new year, allowing everyone to look at modern life with a curious attitude and get inspired.


The above is all the wonderful display of eSUN. Contact us here in you’re interested.

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