eSUN eBox & eVacuum Kit

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eSUN eBox & eVacuum

Filament is Not Included

eSUN eBox

Product Features:

【eBox Filament Storage Box】Designed to keep filament dry and dehumidify various kind of filaments, especially those moisture sensitive filaments. Provide a dry storage environment for 3D printer filament.

【Keep Filament Dry】Designed to lay in your filaments and dehumidify to keep them dry. Made of high temperature resistant material, it can bake your filament at a designated temperature for hours.

【Measure Filament Weight】Freely set the drying heating time, temperature and empty disc weight for your needs. Monitor the temperature inside the box and remaining material weight timely.

【Comprehensive Dust-proof】Sealed protection, comprehensive dust-proof and no impurities. With Special tank for dryer bag and Anti-slip foot pad, which is convenient for recycling.
【Energy Saving】Equipped with LED screen, the light can be turned off automatically to save power. Great companion for any 3D FDM printers.
eSUN eVacuum


Name:eVacuum Kit

Color:As the picture shows

Vacuum Bag Size: 33*40cm

Package Include:

Hand Pump*1pc

Vacuum Bag*10pcs

Sealing Clip*2pcs

Humidity Indicator*15pcs

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