eSUN PLA+ 1.75mm Filaments Refill for 3D Printer No Spool 10PCS

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eSUN 3D Printer Filament PLA+  3D Printing Material For 3D Printers

PLA+ Filament


1. Pla+ is an environmentally friendly material based on the improvement of PLA material. It has passed FDA certification and is safer to use

2. Advantage:High toughness, high impact resistance, the lines are not easy to be brittle and broken, low shrinkage, and the bonding force between layers is strong

3. Application areas: machinery/automobiles, decorative parts, electronic appliances and cosplay

4. Compatible Models: all types of FDM 3D printers.


1.Please place your order according to your country and region, and the prices are different in different countries. Thank you!

2.Mixed colors are shipped according to stock, if you have a favorite color please note when placing an order, if there is stock will be shipped according to your preference first!


Print Temp(℃) 205-225
Bed Temp(℃) No Heat/(60-80)
Density(g/cm³) 1.25
Heat Distortion Temp(℃,0.45MPa) 52
Melt Flow Index(g/10min) 4(190℃/2.16kg)
Tensile Strength(MPa) 65
Elongation at Break(%) 12
Flexural Strength(MPa) 75
Flexural Modulus(MPa) 2102
IZOD Impact Strength(kJ/m³) 8.5


Package Contents:

10KG PLA+ Filament (No Spool)

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